Warranty Safe Services for Apple, Windows and Linux.
Keep all your documents and programs as it should be.

At Tigarus we offer over 40 Information Technology (I.T.) Services within 18 scientifically developed service categories to provide the most necessary services at a flat fee. Services are provided as a tier and stack system ensuring customers the most services offered at the best price.

Customer’s are interviewed to help determine the computer’s symptoms and help understand your computer’s needs. Customers may inquire about services and make requests.

Every computer admitted into our care is recorded and provided an easy to read service report including: Computer Admissions Form, Computer Information, Service Summary, Invoice, Time Sheet, Service Forms and Test Forms.

Service Catalog:

*Over 40 I.T. services and duties listed in 18 service categories.

All services are free for Charity and Volunteer organizations.

Free In-Store Services

  • Trouble Shooting
  • Consultations
  • Computer Lessons

*Bring our own computer or mobile device.
*Customer’s maybe encouraged to make a contribution to the studio, customer’s maybe subjected to a one hour presentation regrading our studio’s projects.

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Tigarus Solutions: Interactive Media Production is a licensed independent Multimedia Production studio near the city of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories of Canada. All computer services and repairs are provided by request and is part of Tigarus’s interactive media information systems development and support services.

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