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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

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January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Data Recovery Services

Availability: [Apple*] [Linux*] [Windows]

Data Recovery Services Personal Commercial
Data Retrieval $40.00 $80.00
Hard Drive Failure & Prevention $40.00 $60.00
Class 0: Erased Files $40.00 / File $60.00 / File
Class 1: Removable Media *** ***
Class 2: Mass Storage Devices *** ***
Class 3: Drive Failure *** ***

*Some restrictions and limitations may apply | *** See Quotes Calculator

Data Recovery Services

*Some restrictions may apply, this is a no guarantee service.
*Free document repair for select file formats and do it yourself instructions.

Data Retrieval
Retrieval of data from non compromised storage.
Retrieve your data from a computer, disk or device that is difficult to access.
**Hardware and Storage medium sold separate for hard copies.
Mass Storage Failure Prevention
Provides mechanical maintenance that can renew the life of bad or old hard drives which can double the hard drive’s life span and prevent manufacturer defects from accruing.
*This service may stack with Hardware Services for very high capacity drives. Class 3 Data Recovery may apply if damaged sectors are recovered.
Class 0: Erased Files
Recover recently deleted files.
Recover recently deleted files from the Recycling/Trash Bin.
Supports: removable media and mass storage devices.
Good for a small number of files.
Class 1: Removable Media
Removable disks and storage devices.
Recover lost files from removable disks and storage devices from failure or formatting.
Supports: floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.
Good for recovering a large number of files.
*Family photos discount available.
Class 2: Mass Storage Devices
Large storage volumes.
Recover lost files from mass storage failure or formatting.
Supports: external / internal hard disk drives.
Good for recovering a massive number of files.
*Family photos discount available.
Class 3: Storage Drive Recovery
Repair hard disk drives from drive failure, repair the storage drive for continued use.
Maybe able to restore the entire drive in its entirety.
Supports: external / internal hard disk drives and sold state drives.
Good for recovering an entire drive or a massive number of files.
*Family photos discount available.

Data Recovery Terms of Service Agreement
Read agreement and extended service details. See Details
Family Photos Discount
Applies only if asked to recover photos only.

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