Soft Services

Availability: [Apple*] [Linux*] [Windows]

Soft Services Tier 1 Tier 2
Inspection || ||
Diagnostic || ||
Hardware Test Standard Standard
Advance Virus Removal No Up To 4 Scans
Advance Malware Removal No Up To 4 Scans
- Cross Scan Results N/A Yes
System Tune-Up || ||
- File Cleaning || ||
- Optimize Start-ups || ||
- System Defaults || ||
- System Configuration || ||
System Optimization No Yes
- Smart Defrag No Yes
- Secure Space Wipe No (Commercial)
Software Services Limited Limited
- Updates Security Security / Essentials
- Installation Essentials Limited / Essentials
- Removal Obsolete Obsolete / Junk
- Configuration Security Limited
Dust & Dirt Cleaning || ||
Cable Management Limited Limited
Documentation Standard Standard
Residential $80.00 $140.00
Commercial $100.00 $160.00

*Apple, Linux: Some services described may not be applicable

Soft Services

Availability: [Apple*] [Linux*] [Windows]
*Apple, Linux: Some services described may not be applicable


Interview the client and inspect the problem.

Ensure services are applicable.


Gather detailed system and hardware information.

Check the hardware/software for warning signs of failure.

Hardware Test

Standard testing of computer hardware and components.

Temperature monitoring for signs of possible damages or defects.

Detects signs of possible damages for Hardware Services.

Ensures all major components are functional.

Advance Virus Removal

State-of-the-art Virus removal, detects and removes 99.998% of traces.

Best quality results from up to four independent Virus scanners from around the world.

Keep all your data and programs with no unexpected Virus reappearances.

Advance Malware Removal

State-of-the-art Malware removal, detects, and removes 99.998% of all malicious software.

Includes Adware, Malware, Malicious software, Spyware, Rogue software and Ransomware.

Best quality results from up to four independent Malware scanners.

Basic repair of security holes Malware can leave behind.

Keep all your data and programs with no unexpected Malware reappearances.

When all else fails, includes manual search and removal of Malware.

Cross Scan Results

Many new Virus removal software can detect Malware and vice versa.

Receive move results from Virus and Malware removal software with cross scan results.

System Tune-Up

Clean the computer of junk files such as temporary files, logs and cache files.

Optimize Start-up programs for maximum performance, allows for a faster start-up and frees up system resources.

System Defaults, fix most user errors affecting the operating system by reverting back to the default settings. Provided if computer settings seem irregular and may me an inconvenience.

System Configuration, includes settings and configuring your system for best performance and security.

System Optimization

Smart Defragmentation for Hard Disk Drives, defragmentation of commonly used data for faster data access, better performance and improved chance of future data recovery.

Smart Defragmentation is not harmful to your Hard Disk Drive. (Only available to Hard Disk Drives)

Secure deletion of already deleted files to prevent data recovery of private files and proves a higher chance of future data recovery for existing files.

Software Services

Limited Software Services allows for free software services such as system essential software and updates, plus user experience essentials. (Does not include user software or requests, see Software Services)

Updates, Security updates for critical software such as Internet Explorer and Java. Essentials includes software for the user experience such as Adobe PDF Reader.

Installation, Essentials include components and frameworks essential to your computer’s operations such as Java, Adobe Air and Microsoft Dot Net. Includes user experience software such as Adobe PDF Reader.

Removal, Obsolete software that is no longer updated by its developers or no longer able to preform its purpose effectively. Removal of junk software removal such as Adware, Spyware and Tool Bars.

Configuration, Security settings in software for a safe user experience. Limited configuration for software by user request.

Essential security updates and configuration ensures your computer can operate without the use of extra protection such as an Anti-Virus.

Dust & Dirt Cleaning

Basic external cleaning from dirt and dust, basic internal cleaning from dust keeps the computer running cool and reduces noise, and prevents the computer’s hardware from burning out. (Internal cleaning available to desktops only)

Cable Management

Check and tie loss internal cables and replace screws of noisy computer fans with rubber mounts to reduce noise. (Available to desktops only)


A documented service report of all services provided, test results, changes, etc in an easy to read printed or PDF document.

Standard documentation includes all essential service documents:

Computer Admissions Form, Invoice, Computer Information, Service Report Summary, Time Sheet with Service Documentation.