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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

If you like our services please bring your computer in or donate today.


January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

User Software Essentials

Essential software to improve the user experience.

The following is a list of FREE software we recommend to all users. Feel free try them.

User Essentials


Archive manager, used to compress and decompress files into a archive format such as zip, 7z, gz, rar, etc.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite


File directory comparison and synchronization application. Useful for backing up a large amount of files without creating duplicates, synchronization compares and updates a directory to be the same as another.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Infra RecorderBackup

Optical Disk writing and backup software, burns CDs and can create a digital copy.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite


All-in-one instant messaging client software made by the public, consolidates many popular instant messaging services into a single client.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Communication software for high quality voice and video conversations, plus instant messaging and Internet to telephone calls.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Access and control your computer remotely from anywhere in the world. Safe and easy to use, control your computer as if you were there.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


3D modeling and animation software.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Dia Diagram EditorDesign

Diagram creator, a publicly made alternative to Microsoft Visio.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

The GIMPDesign

Painting and photo manipulation software, a publicly made alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio)Design

Music creation and production. Full audio production studio software.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Vector based illustration software, a publicly made alternative to Adobe’s Illustrator.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Full featured video editing software.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Desktop publishing software, create professional looking page layouts and can create interactive PDF documents.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Secure FTP client, manage and download files on a remote server. Mostly used to manage websites.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Free Download ManagerInternet

Download management software made by the public, download accelerator, manage, schedule, pause and resume downloads.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite

Mozilla FirefoxInternet

Web browser made by the public formally Netscape. Fast and safe Web browser with lots of features such as plugins and themes.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Mozilla ThunderbirdInternet

POP mail desktop E-mail client software made by the public, includes spam filters, plugins, calendar, task manager and to-do-list.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Google ChromeInternet

Web Browser, safe, fast and up to date with the latest Web Standards, Google Chrome browser is the best browser among the big four.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


An optimized version of the official Bit Torrent software client without advertisements. Bit Torrent is a public distribute system for providing download services to the public by the public.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Apple iTunesMultimedia

Digital media store and media player with Apple mobile device manager.

Platforms: Apple, WindowsWebsite

Google PicasaMultimedia

Photo Album software, mange and view your photo collection, includes photo editing tools.

Platforms: Apple, WindowsWebsite

Portable AppsMultimedia

Bring your software anywhere, portable apps is a portable applications manager and menu to run portable software from a USB flash drive. Over 300 free programs available.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite


Digital store for computer games.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

VLC Media PlayerMultimedia

Multimedia player for playing any audio or video format, has the ability to broadcast to remote computers or devices.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Cute PDF WriterOffice

PDF Printer, converts documents and any things printable to save as a PDF document. Used with the Ghostscript interpreter Cute PDF Writer has the best text quality among all PDF Writers.

Requires Ghostscript

Platforms: WindowsWebsite

Foxit ReaderOffice

PDF document reader, faster and safer then Adobe PDF reader. Includes PDF printer.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite

Money Manager EXOffice

Personal finance manager and budget planner. Money Manager EX is compatible with Intuit Quicken software and protects your information with strong encryption.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Libre OfficeOffice

Full featured Office suite made by the public, includes word processor, excel sheets, presenter, diagrams, math equations and database files.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Double Entry Accounting software. GnuCash is a powerful free accounting program for home and small businesses.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

Task CoachOffice

Daily planner, organize your day or manage your tasks and budget.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows, WordWeb integrates itself into the Windows operating system to bring you an English dictionary from any program your using.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite


KeePass Password Safe is a secure password manager made by the public. KeePass manages your passwords and stores them in a secure encrypted database which can be backed up exported to over 30 supported password managers.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Disk and Drive encryption utility. Comes included with many USB Flash drives. VeraCrypt secures your files with encryption, create an encrypted virtual disk or encrypt a drive’s partition. No one can access your data without a password.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite


Uninstall our unwanted Apple software, removed your Apps and foot prints left behind, because Apple software do not have an uninstaller.

Platforms: AppleWebsite


Clean your computer of junk files such as temporary files, Internet cache files, old system log files. CCleaner cleans junk files from many popular programs and helps keep your computer private.

Platforms: Apple, WindowsWebsite

Classic ShellUtility

Start Menu replacement for computers running the Windows 8 operating system. Classic Shell brings back the Windows 7 start menu we all know and love to provide easy use and improve productivity.

Platforms: Windows 8Website

Drive The LifeUtility

Drivers manager, keep your computer’s drivers up to date and your hardware running perfectly.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite


System information tool for Apple computers, gathers important information about your computer and displays it into an easy to read profile. Know what kind of computer you have and find your serial number. Gather and save your systems information, share it with a technician for consultations.

Platforms: AppleWebsite


Advanced system information tool, gathers important information about your computer and organizes it into easily accessible information. Gather and save your systems information, share it with a technician for consultations.

Platforms: WindowsWebsite


Virtual Machine software, run a computer within a computer.

Example: Run Windows on a Mac without Bootcamp or restarting your computer. Run Windows software on your Mac in seem-less mode just like it was Apple software.

Platforms: Apple, Linux, WindowsWebsite

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