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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

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January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Support: Computer’s Date is Always Wrong

Issue: My computer’s date and time is always wrong, I constantly have to change the time every time I start my computer.

If your time is off by a few minutes (about 1-5 minutes) this could be a minor manufacturer’s problem.

If your date and time resets or reverts back to a far past date, your computer may require a change of internal clock battery. This battery is important as your computer will not be able to operating without it. Internal clock batteries can last up to 7-10 years depending on the brand and type of computer.

Old computers may have a firmware limit preventing the date from permanently setting to the current date.

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