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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

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January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Standards and Practices

Table of Contents:

Standards and Practices:


At Tigarus we understand many people have been victimized by fraudulent or irresponsible businesses due to the lack of industry standards and regulations in Canada, anyone can purchase a business license with no background or experience what so ever.

The lack of industry standards leaves consumers wanting quality and protection, so we took it upon ourselves to make our own standards based on academic guidelines and industry expectations.

Standards are a set of expectations and guidelines for all to aspire to meet or exceed.

Policy is a set of propriety business standards and practices set by the individual business to meet specific needs.

Business License

By law no one may provide GOODS or SERVICES without a business license. The license should be placed in a viable area for the public as according to city bylaws.

Mobile or on site services may not be provided without the proper business license accommodated by a criminal background check of all participating employees.

A business should be GST/HST registered and collecting for customer trust and tax purposes regardless if the business does not earn over 30,000 gross. The GET/HST Number also know as the Business Number must be present on all invoices.

Better Business Practices

All services are documented with descriptions, details, pricing, policies, etc before becoming an official service.

Services without completed documentation are provided as a trial service, limited or as a pilot project, these services are reviewed to improve upon before becoming an official service.

All required business Standards and Practices, Policies as well as Service Information and Product Information are available to the public.

Repairs and Storage Liens Act

All computers or devices serviced are the property of the service provider until fully paid by law. Customers may retrieve their admission at any time if no charges have been made.

Staff Qualifications

All staff servicing a customer’s computer must have valid certification from a recognized organization. We require a minimum of a one year post secondary certificate in Computer Science or Information Technology based on courses completed and one’s personal experience. We do not recognize certificates from any private organization, including but not limited to CompTIA.


Computers are serviced with all required equipment to provide customers the best care and protection for their computers while in service.

-Humidifier / Dehumidifier
-Anti-Static grounding wire wrist strap
-Anti-Static table mat with grounding wire
-UPS Battery Back-Up Surge Protector
-Non-magnetic Tools

Computer Parts Ethical Practices

Customers must be asked if they would like to keep their damaged parts, computers or devices or if they wish for us to dispose of them on the customer’s behalf.

Used, open box, previously owned or refurbished parts must be clearly labeled.

Refurbished parts must be manufacturer refurbished and accommodated with an official manufacturer certificate.

Damaged goods may not be solid to customers.

Damaged parts may not be repaired and solid to customers.

No parts may be claimed or declared damaged to keep for ourselves.

Customers may request an internal storage drive be converted to an external drive with an enclosure.

Warranty Safe Services

Warranty safe services means that no part with the computer’s manufacturer’s brand name may be modified, only field / standardized parts may be serviced. We shall not provide any service that may deliberately void a warranty.

Service Records/Reports

Customers are provided a written report with every computer/device serviced. This document provides a legal record of service and history of the computer’s condition.

Service providers must review service records to improve their services provided.

Only the computer’s owner may ask for copies of their service records.

On Site Services

Services provided at a customer’s home or business may only be provided with the proper business license or permits. Sometimes known as the “Mobile Vender” business license, this license allows a business to provide services at one’s home or business, all employees participating in on site services are required to submit a criminal background check during every license renewal.

Provided for trouble shooting, tech support, computer lessons, networking, assistance and inspection. No one may claim on site services can fix a computer at one’s home or office. Many services such as hardware testing and virus removal may take several hours to complete, in addition many services are unattended only requiring monitoring. Customers should not leave a technician unattended, a technician should always state what they are doing, what their intentions are. The technician must ask permission to access computers/devices and must ask permission to turn on and off mission critical equipment.

A technician should re-frame from providing lengthy or hardware services, in this case the technician should ask to take the computer/device back to the workshop.

Remote Services

Provided for trouble shooting, tech support or computer assistance. No one may claim remote services can fix a computer remotely. No remote service can properly remove a virus, provide hardware testing or fix a computer. Customers should not leave a technician unattended, a technician should always state what they are doing, what their intentions are and ask permission to take control of the computer.

Network Services

By law only a Certified Electrician may run cables through or inside walls.

Network technicians must survey, wire plain, and blue print the work area for before cabling where required. All cables must be labeled.

Start Over A New Repairs

Known as “Nuke and Pave” or a “Square One Solution” is not a valid method of computer repair and should only be provided as a last resort or provided by customer request. No staff member may provide this method of service without documented justification and a backup of all personal data unless stated otherwise.


Computers are provided a mandatory backup for all services that require it or may cause deletion of the computers data.


Customers are protected under the Privacy Act and Private Investigators Act, this means we do not the power or authority to view any personal data without consent nor can we report any illegal activities under the law.


No customer shall be asked for any password other than the computer’s login password. A password is not require for Windows and Apple computers, all user account passwords will be removed to provide adequate services. Password removal is a feature of Windows and Apple operating systems. A password maybe required for Linux/Unix/BSD operating systems as we may not be able to preform a removal.

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