Tigarus Systems

Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

If you like our services please bring your computer in or donate today.


January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Services Pricing Model

Tier and Stack Pricing

Flat rate service bundles.

No hourly rate for unattended services.

Non Fixed Rates on Select Services

Non fixed rates on recovery services.

Hourly rates on professional services.

Free one-on-one personal services.

Not for Profit Prices

Provided as fundraising for technology and business development.

Geek Squad Canada Diagnostic & Repair + System Tune-Up + Software Installation Service + Cleaning & Maintenance


Tigarus Soft Services Tier 2 + Hardware Services Tier 1


*In Store Services for April 8, 2015. Services matched to equivalent offers for a complete service.

Systems by Tigarus