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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

If you like our services please bring your computer in or donate today.


January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.


Table of Contents:

Policies, Liabilities and Responsibilities:

Standards are a set of expectations and guidelines for all to aspire to meet or exceed.

Policy is a set of propriety business standards and practices set by the individual business to meet specific needs.


Customers requesting our services for their computer(s) or device(s) must complete the administrative process. Customers must be 18 years of age or older and has the legal right of ownership to the admission. All admissions are automatically subject to the Repair and Storage Liens Act. Customers automatically agree to all Terms of Services (TOS) by completing the administrative process even if not directly presented or provided, all terms of services, standards and practices and policies are publicly available online.

Any computer or device that has not completed the administrative process will not be serviced.

No computer or device may be dropped off or left at our property without completing the administrative process. Any computer or device not administered into our care is automatically marked as abandoned, we hold no responsibility for what happens to abandoned computers or devices, however, we will only contact owners who have a Tigarus assets identification sticker.

Any customer who is uncooperative during the administrative process risks permanent banishment.

We reserve the right to ban or refuse service to anyone who has been banned or has infringed on ones rights, may put one in danger or may have an ulterior motive. We do not tolerate the following phrases from customers: “Just Fix It”, “I Don’t Care”, “Whose Policy” or repeats “I Have To Go”, as well as “Under The Table” or “Off The Books”.

Upon banishment the banished must retrieve their admission(s) immediate as is, orders must me retrieved when available. We hold no responsibility for the state of the admission(s).

Banned customers are not eligible for any services including customer satisfaction guarantees, care plans, in-store warranties or purchases. Banned customers will not be allowed on our property. Banned customers may still login to their online account to review past service records. Banned customers waive all rights or claims against or towards Tigarus and its employees.

Inspections and Services

We provide free inspections to all drop-in visitors for inspection, opinion, quick trouble shooting or consultations. All admissions are inspected to ensure services are applicable.

Customer’s are interviewed to help determine their computer’s needs, customers may ask and inquire about services.

Customer’s are not allowed to demand which services they want, this prevents: incorrect, inapplicable or unnecessary services for being provided resulting inadequate services.

All admissions are provided mandatory testing to ensure the admissions health.

We reserve the right to charge a “Root Service” such as Soft Services or Hardware Services for admission(s) in which the customer is charged for a complete and thorough service to ensure the highest in customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Flat Fees, services are charged by flat fees unless stated otherwise, based on a tier and stack system. Flat fee services provide lower rates than hours fees and customers are not charged for unattended services.

No Guarantee Services, customers must pay all fees charged by services such as Data Recovery or Password Recovery services regardless of the results.

Lost or Stolen Property

We define lost or stolen property as missing. We cannot report missing property currently in our care by law, any found or suspected property will have their original or past owner contacted. If a property has been flagged as missing, the legal owner must contact authorities, we will provide account information for recovery.

Manufacturer Warranties

We are not associated, licensed or a member with any computer manufacturers, therefore, we have no authority to process and file a warranty claim on a customer’s behalf. Manufacturers require only the owner to file a warranty claim, we cannot file a claim for you.

Manufacturer Defects

We have no affiliation with any brand name manufacturers, owners must deal with their own manufacturer warranties and defects.

No Fix No Pay

In the event we are not able to provide or service an admission due to a manufacturer restriction or defect in which we cannot service, customers will not be charged for services already provided. Charges will still apply for services outside manufacturer restrictions.

Soldering Services

We do not provide soldering services as soldering will void manufacturer warranties. Soldering has become labor expensive with very little need by modern computers. Manufacturer parts have special measurements that does not permit third-party parts nor are small parts are made available to the public. Removal of machine soldered parts from another computer has a high probability of a dirty solder resulting in failure, as well, there is no guarantee all problems can be found and fixed.

Phone Service

Whitehorse location, we currently are on a shared phone system and do not have a dedicated line, please make your purpose for calling clear.We currently do not officially provide trouble shooting over the phone, customer support is provided only for recent admissions. Please keep calls short.

We do not solicit services over the phone or e-mail, we will never call a person with false claims in order to provide a product or service.

Customers are called regarding recent admissions and invoices, if you do not have an active admission or invoice we will not call you.

Network Services

We currently do not provide network services.Internet access support, customers may call for free trouble shooting or bring their computer or device in for a free inspection, however, Internet trouble must be dealt with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

E-Mail trouble, customers may bring their computer or device in for a free inspection, however, E-Mail trouble must be dealt with your E-Mail Service Provider.

On Site Services

Whitehorse location, we currently do not provide On Site Services.We do not promote or recommend the use of on site services for a variety of reasons. Not only on site services are very expensive, serious computer issues requiring hardware testing, operating system repair or virus removal will take several hours to preform, as well, many lengthy services are unattended only requiring monitoring.

Pick Up and Delivery

Whitehorse location, we currently do not provide Pick up and Delivery services. Services must be provided with clear identification to indicate who we are, Customers must authorize and approve the work order before any computer or device is taken for service. Customers are provided a paper slip for each admission.

Admissions must be covered for weather protection while moved.

Commercial Organizations

Commercial organizations must pay commercial rates.Commercial computers/devices admitted into our care must pay commercial rates. Commercial is defined as an investment to the organization, this investment makes the organization money or is an important asset for the business’s operations.

What does not constitute a commercial computer/device, for example a computer used in a home business about one hour per week for accounting.

Charity and Volunteer Organizations

Free services for Charities and Volunteer Organizations, excludes Data Recovery Class (X) services and Password Recovery services. To qualify proof of organization status must be provided, a non-profit must be an all volunteer organization with no paid employees.


We hold no financial responsibility due to uncontrollable events by loss or theft, damages by fire, flood, battery leaks, electrical, exposure to weather, acts of God, etc. We are not liable for accidental scratches or escalating an existing condition during hardware testing.Customers are responsible for all damages during transit while moving their own computer/device.

Blown computer power supply when taken home, in this event we will replace the power supply at cost, customers will only pay the wholesale value of the replacement power supply.

We hold no responsibility for lost of passwords, encryption keys or security certificates, etc.

We hold no responsibility for an in-perfect backup or migration of application data, this is a known limitation of all operating systems and software.

We hold no responsibility for viewing personal files in public access directories nor any Icons, File Names or Thumbnails.

We hold no responsibility for the lawful or unlawful seizure or repossession of a property by authorities without warning.


All customers are protected under the Privacy Act and Private Investigators Act. We will never ask a customer for passwords unless the following reasons below.

When we may require a password:
-Computer login password for some Linux/Unix/BSD operating systems
-Storage drive is hardware protected
-UEFI/BIOS is password protected

We do not browser personal files stored in user account directories nor personal applications will be loaded without owner’s permission.

We reserve to right to browser folders and files in system or public directories such as Root, Application Data, Program Files, Desktop Icons & Names, Thumbnails, etc.

Services requiring access to private files or applications will require owner’s permission.

All information collected will not be made public, sold or shared. Subjective private information such as included in service reports are considered public information. Non-transferable information in service reports are considered public as digital rights management does not permit the use of the software licenses outside the registered account or computer.

Customer information is collected for billing and identification purposes, we do not collect Credit Card information. Customer information or service records may be provided to authorities if requested by law without warning.

Customer Computer Security

Customer’s computer should have the most essential and basic of security on their computer even without the use of protection software. We reserve the right to replace everyday dangerous software with better safer alternatives providing the best security and user experience.

Web browser saved passwords and auto fill information will be deleted for your protection, secure password management software will not be affected.

Customers using POP Mail E-Mail client software will be advised to switch or migrate their POP accounts to a Web-mail service. We reserve the right to migrate Outlook Express and other obsolete and dangerous mail clients to a better safer program such as Thunderbird.

Software Updates

We provide limited support for software updates, we ask all customers to do their own software updates and operating system updates. We hold no responsibility for software updates or providing the latest versions of software. Automatic updates may take place for many programs over the software’s life cycle, these updates will take place over time on there own resulting in Internet usage, Internet slow down and computer slow down.

We reserve the right to apply additional charges for updates, if the time required is considered excessive or consumes over 500MBs of Internet usage.

Computer Parts

We do not sell used parts.We do not claim rebates on ordered parts.

We do not claim warranties on damaged parts.

We will not actively search of discontinued parts. We may offer a used part for older admission on the condition the part is in good condition and the owner agrees to the part.

Customers are ask if they would like to keep their old or damaged parts or if they would like us to dispose of it on their behalf.

Parts and Orders

We currently are not able to provide any returns, credit or warranties on all parts or products ordered or solid. We currently do not offer shipping or delivery services, pick up at store locations only.

Customers take full responsibility for all items and manufacturer warranties.

Admissions requiring parts only require a verbal agreement to order part(s). High cost order(s) or special hardware must be paid in full by use of an ordering form. We are not responsible for price accuracy; suppliers’ prices may change at anytime without warning.

Orders placed by an ordering form must be fully paid before the order can be processed.

Payments and Retrievals

We currently accept all major credit cards, cash and Paypal. Cheques are accepted with restrictions. Cheques are accepted for parts or product orders made by an ordering form, we do not accept cheques for services. Payments by cheques are declared paid once the cheque is verified and cleared by the bank. We highly recommend all orders be made by Paypal to prevent any unexpected bank restrictions and quick processing.

We reserve the right to refuse partial payments for all orders, we recommend all payments be made in full. We may accept partial payments for services.

Retrieval, only the registered owner or direct family can retrieve the admission unless permission is provided. Admission(s) or good(s) cannot be retrieved until invoice(s) are fully paid. Customers maybe asked to present a copy of their admissions slip or invoice and a valid ID to verify your identity.

See Repairs and Storage Liens Act

Customers have 30 days to pay in full from the day the customer is notified of the invoice and 30 days to retrieve their admission(s) or good(s). Admission(s) or Good(s) not fully paid or retrieved within 30 days will be declared abandoned. See Repairs and Storage Liens Act policy.

Customer Inspection

We ask all customers if they would like turn on and inspect their computer before retrieval. Customers are encouraged to inspect their computer before retrieval to ensure services rendered are satisfactory and the computer is working.

Repairs and Storage Liens Act

All computers and devices admitted into our care and provided a billable service with an amount due is automatically our property by law until fully paid.Customers have 30 days from the day the customer was notified of the invoice due to pay in full and retrieve their admission or the admission will be declared abandoned. Once abandoned the admission is then permanently our property. Time extensions maybe provided with a valid reason such as scheduled vacation or business trips. Attempts to contact owners will be recorded, we reserve the right to refuse any request for a time extension.

Customers may retrieve their admission(s) at anytime if no billable services have been made or are in progress. An admission with no pending invoice can only be held for 30 days, afterward the admission must be returned to the owner. If the owner is not reachable in 30 days, the admission will be declared abandoned.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

All services are guaranteed to be provided as described unless stated otherwise. Services legible under the customer satisfaction guarantee have 48 hour increments to claim their service(s) as unsatisfactory. Additional service will be provided till the issue(s) has been resolved at no charge if no new services has been provided.

Additional services provided may be limited to the same service(s) or equal value, excluding parts.

Documentation is a legal reference of all services provided and will be cross-referenced with customer’s claims.

This guarantee is void if the customer is at fault or if a manufacturer defect is found. Customers at fault must pay for the added services provided. No charges will apply for manufacturer faults.

48 hour increments means the customer has 48 hours to make a claim or return the admission after the admission has been released, if a claim has been made the customer has 48 hours to return the admission from the time the claim has been made. Any admission returned after the time period will be charged.

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