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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

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January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Password Recovery Terms of Services

Password Recovery, is the process of gaining access to password protected data.

Important! This service is only available to personal data, personal is defined as the soul owner’s property and belongs to no one else. The owner claims to be a soul owner of the data and has direct local access to the password protected data.

Terms of Service, Password Recovery is a no guarantee service; no promises will be made for these services.

Services will vary depending on the password protection scheme. We cannot guarantee that the password will be cracked or removed. Although most passwords can be removed, password cracking can take durations of minutes to years and several computers depending on the password’s complexity. If a password is not cracked within two days time (48hours). We will pause your service temporarily to discuss your options.

Customer(s) who request Password Recovery agree that they are the creator and (or) owner or has acquired the legal rights to the data.

Documentation and reports may not be provided nor applicable for these services.

Customer(s) agree to pay all fees, even if no results have been made.

No Guarantees, Password Recovery is a no guarantee service, customer’s will have to pay all fees for Password Recovery even if no results have been made.

Policies, all computers, devices or files are checked if service can be provided. No charges or attempt for Password Recovery will be made if no service can be provided by us.

Privacy, unessential data to the service will not be viewed or inspected. Password recovery by cracking or revealing services will reveal the password to both parties as part of the service and will be documented in the service report. It is recommend to change all your important or day-by-day passwords. The customer agrees that the reported passwords are exempt to privacy.

Agreement, customer(s) have been briefed about our Password Recovery service(s) and its limitations. Customer(s) accept all risks of failure to provide satisfactory results and to pay all chargeable service fees even if no passwords have been recovered. Customer(s) agree to the terms in this document through Admissions Terms of Services.




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