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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

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January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Password Recovery Services

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Operating System: User Passwords

Gain access to your computer by unlocking your password protected user account.

Reset – Replace your password with a new one.

Removal – No more password.

Recovery – Rediscover your lost password.

Operating System Recovery Options
Apple OS 10 Reset
Windows (XP – Seven) Removal | Recovery
Windows (8.0 – 8.1) Removal | (Recovery Unverified)
Linux (Reset Possible)

Saved or Stored Passwords

Forgot your account’s password but your computer automatically logs-in for you. We can reveal your accounts and passwords saved on your computer.

Email Client – Program to manage your POP mail Email account. Reveal your Email accounts and passwords.

Web Browser – Program to surf the Internet and access websites. Reveal your saved accounts and passwords to websites you visit.

Instant Messenger – Program to chat with friends and family in real time, often by use of an Email account. Reveal your saved Instant Messenger / Email accounts and passwords on your computer.

Application Category
Microsoft Outlook Express Email Client
Windows Mail / Live Mail Email Client
Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client
Netscape Email Client
IncrediMail Email Client
Eudora Email Client
Internet Explorer Web Browser
Firefox Web Browser
Opera Web Browser
Chrome Web Browser
MSN Messenger Instant Messenger
Windows Messenger / Live Instant Messenger
Yahoo Messenger Instant Messenger
Google Talk Instant Messenger
ICQ Instant Messenger
AOL Instant Messenger Instant Messenger
Trillian Instant Messenger
Miranda Instant Messenger
Pidgin Instant Messenger
MySpace IM Instant Messenger
PaltalkScene Instant Messenger
Digsby Instant Messenger

Password Protected Files

Regain access to password protected files and desktop databases.

Recovery – Rediscover our lost password.

Removal – No more password.

Reset – Replace your password with a new one.

Slow or Very Slow – Refers to the duration of time for recovery, may require multiple computers and several weeks.

Application File Type Recovery
Adobe Acrobat PDF Recovery
Symantec ACT! BLB Reveal
ACT! by Sage ADF Reveal
BestCrypt JBC Very Slow
FileMaker Pro FP3 – FP5 Reveal
FileMaker Pro FP5 – FP7 Removal
ICQ DAT, FB Reveal
Lotus 1-2-3 1.1+ WK!,WK1,WK4,WRC,WR1,WR9,123 Reveal
Lotus Notes ID Reveal
Lotus Organizer ORG,OR2,OR3,OR4,OR5,OR6 Reveal
Lotus Word Pro 96-99 LWP Reveal
MS Access MDB Reveal
MS Access 2007 ACCDB Very Slow
MS Access 2.0 System Database MDA Reveal
MS Access 97/2000 System Database MDW Reveal
MS Access VBA MDA Reveal or Reset
MS Backup QIC Reveal
MS Excel 4/5/95/97 XLS Reveal
MS Excel 2000-2003 XLS Slow
MS Excel 2007 XLSX,XLSM Very Slow
MS Pocket Excel PXL Reveal
MS Excel VBA XLA,XLSM Reveal or Reset
MS Mail MMF Reveal
MS Money MNY Reveal
MS Money 2002-2007 MNY Very Slow
MS OneNote 2003 Section ONE Slow
MS Outlook 2000-2007 Form Template OFT Reveal
MS Outlook 2000-2007 Personal Storage PST Reveal
MS PowerPoint 2002-2007 PPT,PPTX,PPTM Slow
MS PowerPoint VBA PPT,PPTM Reveal or Reset
MS Project 95-2003 MPP Reveal
MS SQL 2000-2008 MDF Reset
Bitlocker (Windows Vista) E01,BIN,DD Reveal
Bitlocker (2008 Server) E01,BIN,DD Reveal
Bitlocker (Windows Seven) E01,BIN,DD Reveal
MS Word 1-95 DOC,DOT Reveal
MS Word 2000-2003 DOC,DOT Slow
MS Word 2007 DOCX,DOTX,DOCM Very Slow
MS Word VBA DOC,DOT,DOCM,DOTM Reveal or Reset
MYOB 2004 DAT Reset
MYOB 2005-2009 MYO Reset
Norton Backup SET Reveal
Paradox Database DB Reveal
Peachtree 2002-2007 DAT Reveal
PGP Desktop 9.10 Zip PGP Very Slow
PGP Desktop 9.10 Private Keyring SKR Very Slow
PGP Desktop 9.10 Virtual Disk PGD Very Slow
PGP Desktop 9.10 Self-Decrypting Archive EXE Very Slow
GnuPG Private Keyring GPG Very Slow
Quattro Pro 5-12/X3/X4 QPW,WB1,WB2,WB3 Reveal
QuickBooks 3-8/99-2004 QBW,QBA Reveal
QuickBooks 2005-2010 QBW,QBA Removal
QuickBooks Backup QBB Removal
Quicken 6.0/95-2002 QDF Reveal
Quicken 2003-2007 QDF Removal
Quicken 2008 QDF Very Slow
RAR Archive RAR Very Slow
Schedule+ 1.0 CAL Reveal
Schedule+ 7 SCD Reveal
TrueCrypt TC,E01,BIN,DD Very Slow
WordPerfect 5-12/X3/X4 WPD Reveal
ZIP Archive ZIP Very Slow


Password Recovery Terms of Service Agreement

Read agreement and extended service details. See Details



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