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Tigarus has been providing computer services to the Yukon since 1998 for free. 2010, we began charging for our services as fund raising to support our business development into video games. Thanks to your support Tigarus has become one of the Yukon’s leaders in technology. www.Tigarus.com

If you like our services please bring your computer in or donate today.


January 01, 2020, Tigarus is no longer officially providing technology services. However, services can still be provided as a personal request.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Admissions Terms of Services

Disclaimer, Tigarus Solutions is a licensed business in Interactive Media Production and provides all computer services Multimedia Information Systems support.

Terms of Service, manufacturers’ defects of brand name computer/device(s) must be dealt with by the owner; we cannot contact manufacturers for you. We hold no affiliations wit any brands nor do we hold any responsibility for voiding warranties. No Charges will be made if we are not able to service the admission(s). We are not responsible for owner’s mishandling or damages from transit/accidentals. All services are guaranteed as according to its service descriptions, unless stated otherwise. We will not actively search for discontinued part(s) for computers four years of age or older.

No Guarantees, IE Data/Password Recovery, etc, if no results are produced charges will still apply, see service details. We cannot guarantee prefect backups/migration of application data, encrypted data or security certificates, etc.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, customers have 48 hour increments to claim their service as unsatisfactory. Additional service will be provided till the problem has been resolved free of charge, excluding part(s). Void if owner/manufacturers’ are at fault.

Commercial Organizations, must pay commercial rates. No credit or financially benefits will be provided. Higher service priority maybe provided.

Privacy, 100% privacy by the Privacy Act and Private Investigators Act. Personal files stored in user account directories will not be browsed nor will personal applications be loaded without owner’s permission. Services requiring access to private files or applications will require owner’s permission. All information collected will not be made public, sold or shared. Customer information is collected for billing and identification purposes, we do not collect Credit Card information.

User Log-ins & Passwords, an administrative user name and password is required to provided adequate services for Linux platforms. Windows and Apple password(s) are not required and maybe removed to provided adequate services, this functionality is a feature included in these platforms.

Policies, computers or devices admitted are given a mandatory inspection before any service is provided. Admissions are protected by all required equipment/materials set by industry standards. All services are documented as proof of service. No illegal software will be supported or service may violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A copy of all service documents maybe provided to authorities if requested by law. Admission(s) in our custody maybe confiscated by authorities without warning.

Parts & Orders, computer owners’ must provide at least a verbal agreement to order part(s). High cost order(s) or special hardware must be paid in full by use of an ordering form. We are not responsible for price accuracy; suppliers’ prices may change at anytime without warning.

Parts, Warranties & Returns, all sales are final! No returns. Customers are responsible for all manufacturer warranties.

Retrieval, only the registered owner or direct family can retrieve the admission unless permission is provided. Admission(s) cannot be retrieved until invoice(s) are fully paid. Customers must present a copy of the admissions slip or valid ID.

Liabilities, we hold no financial responsibility due to uncontrollable events by loss or theft, damages by fire, flood, battery leaks, electrical, exposure to weather, acts of God, etc. We are not liable for escalating existing conditions or accidental scratches.

Agreement, customer(s) automatically agree to all terms of services, service descriptions and attachments; including a temporary transfer of property in which the admission is held as collateral till the invoice is fully paid within 30 days under the Repair and Storage Liens Act by law once a computer/device. Admission(s) not paid nor retrieved after 30 days of the invoice will be declared abandoned if no notification of the delay by the owner is provided. Attempts to contact owners will be recorded. An admission with no pending invoice can only be held for 30 days, afterward the admission must be returned to owner. Customers may retrieve their admission(s) at anytime if no billable services have been made or are in progress.



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