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About Systems By Tigarus

Who Are We

PatrickSystems by Tigarus is the personal Information Technology (I.T.) department of Tigarus founder Patrick S. started as part of Patrick’s resume and portfolio.

Tigarus Solutions is a home based independent production studio of interactive media such as 2D Animation, Videos, Audio, Graphics, Websites, Applications, Software and Games. Tigarus as of 2010 is in fact a licensed business of the Yukon Territories of Canada and is recognized by the Yukon Film and Audio Commission.

Although, Tigarus is for profit, the I.T. department is managed and operated as a not for profit, provided as a development and support service. All services are provided by request on a case by case bases and volunteered by Patrick.

Tigarus provides computer services with the highest industry standards, Patrick S. is College certified in Information Technology with over 14 years of personal experience and development with continues studies. We meet all required equipment and standards to provide the very best in professional services with in-house developed technology to provide the most services for less with more detail than ever before.

To learn more about our standards and practices click here.

If you like our services and would like to see our service continue for years to come, please consider having your computer tested or making a donation to the studio. We require to service more than 300 computers per year to meet one person’s salary at minimum wage.

Our Technology

TechnologyIn-house developed technology made from proven open source technology improved by Patrick S. founder of Tigarus Solutions.

We took the worlds greatest computer repair technology and made it better. Plus we collected hundreds of industry leading computer services software and consolidated them into a single easy to manage portable system.

Tigarus I.T. Solutions Suite (IT Suite), is a portable all-in-one computer services/repair suite. IT Suite is a USB Flash drive or CD Combo, simply insert IT Suite into the computer and select your tool to use. IT Suite nearly eliminates tradition computer repair methods and brings services into a new modern age, exceeding industry standards.

We support Apple, Linux and Windows computers.

The Modern Age

Traditional Method:

Current industry standard in computer repair since the 90’s. Parts from the computer in service is removed and placed into a service computer for servicing and testing.

For example: Virus Removal, the hard drive is removed and placed into a service computer to preform a virus scan.

Modern Method:

First popularized in 2003, a CD or USB Flash drive is inserted into the computer, services are provided without the need to remove parts or the use of a service computer.

At Tigarus we have been at the forefront of modern computer repair since it’s popularity in 2003 and we have been improving our system ever since.

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduces our equipment costs passing the savings on to you
  • Reduced hard labor saves you more money
  • Services are provided more efficiently saving time and labor
  • Consolidated tools and easy to manage software means faster services
  • Easy to manage means better reports and time savings
  • A technician can service multiple computers at once passing the saving on to you

Modern technology makes doing more for less possible.

The Website

Developed as part of Tigarus founder Patrick S. portfolio, this website for the public is for information purposes and to provide service records to customers. The website features software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

ERP includes customer accounts, group accounts, invoices, Paypal online payments, computer service records, calendar and an assets identification service using QR Codes.

Patrick never wanted to make this website, but did so to help promote his skills in design and development. Support and development for this website will be made when time permits.

“If their computer is broken or has no Internet how can they see your website?”

Patrick S.