Operating System Removal

Availability: [Apple] [Linux] [Windows]

Operating System Removal Tier 1 Tier 2
Physical & Virtual || ||
Removal || ||
Multiple Boot No Limited
- Boot Management N/A Limited
Storage Services Limited Limited
- Formatting Yes Yes
- Partition Management No Essentials
Documentation Standard Standard
Residential $20.00 $40.00
Commercial $40.00 $60.00

Operating System Removal

Availability: [Apple] [Linux] [Windows]

Physical & Virtual

Operating system removal from a physical host computer or from a guest virtual machine.


Removes the operating system, boot record and partition.

This process removes the entire partition the operating system was installed on, any data or files on the partition will be lost.

Multiple Boot

Removal of a single operating system from a multiple operating system setup and removes the boot option from the boot manager.

Storage Services

Formatting, erase and format the storage drive or partition. Prepares the drive for a new operating system or for storing data.

Partition management, re-size existing partitions to span the storage drive’s freed space.


A documented service report of all services provided, test results, changes, etc in an easy to read printed or PDF document.

Standard documentation includes all essential service documents:

Computer Admissions Form, Invoice, Computer Information, Service Report Summary, Time Sheet with Service Documentation.


Warning: Please backup your data or ask to have your data backed up.