Identification Service

The Assets Identification Service is a free service for all computers serviced at Tigarus.

Every computer serviced receives an identification sticker that everyone can use to quickly identify the computer and its owner.

Fact: 90% of all lost or stolen computers are near recovered because the owner couldn’t provide a model and serial number to authorities.

How does it work?

Just point and identify with your smart phone or tablet using a free QR Code Scanning App.

Simply run your QR Code App and point your camera at the sticker; you’ll be redirected to a special web-page with the computer’s brand, model and serial number including the registered owner’s name and phone number.

Quick, Easy, Simple!

id process

Recovery Benefits

Lost or theft, recover your computer faster when you can identify it.

Customers can quickly provide authorities with their computer’s details included in the computer’s service records or from the customer’s online account, customers can set their computer’s status online to missing, adding the computer to the Missing Computers List for all to see.

Authorities and third-party service providers can easily identify the computer without miss reading small or smuggled print quickly and efficiently.




*Internet Access is required to view the identification web-page, if access is not currently available you may copy or bookmark the short web address and check it at a latter time.

*Customers must file their on missing or stolen property report with authorities.