Hardware Services

Availability: [Apple] [Linux] [Windows]

Hardware Services Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Inspection || || ||
Diagnostic || || ||
Hardware Test Standard Standard Standard
Serviceable Parts 1 (IN) 1 (OUT) 2 (IN) 2 (OUT) Unlimited
Extra Parts Assembly No Yes Yes
Deep Assembly No No Yes
Storage Services Limited Yes Yes
- Hard Drive Repair & Prevention N/A Minor Minor
- Data Management Limited Yes Yes
- Cloning No Yes Yes
-- To Smaller Volume No No No
Drivers Installation Yes Yes Yes
Dust & Dirt Cleaning || || ||
Cable Management Limited || ||
Documentation Standard Standard Standard
Residential $40.00 $80.00 $120.00
Commercial $60.00 $100.00 $140.00

*Hardware sold separate

Hardware Services

Availability: [Apple] [Linux] [Windows]
*Hardware sold separate


Interview the customer and inspect the computer for hardware compatibly.

Ensure services are applicable.


Gather detailed system and hardware information.

Check the hardware/software for warning signs of failure.

Ensure hardware services is applicable.

Hardware Test

Standard testing of computer hardware and components.

Temperature monitoring for signs of possible damages or defects.

Extended testing to suspected defective parts.

Ensures all major components are functional.

Serviceable Parts

The number of individual parts that can be Installed, Upgraded, Repaired or Replaced.

Extra Parts Assembly

Assembly of extra parts such as storage drive installation into an external enclosure.

Deep Assembly

Deep disassemble and reassemble of computers with hard to access parts which may require the full disassembly of the computer.

Storage Services

Hard Drive Repair & Prevention, provided to hard drives to prevent hardware failure or to repair minor hard drive damages. This procedure keeps hard drives running fast and longer, as well as prevents hardware failure. (Available to Hard Drives ONLY and minor issues, for major damages see Data Recovery Services)

Data Management, transfers / migrates / rearranges data on your storage drive and partition re-sizing for installing or upgrading storage drives.

Cloning, true blue storage upgrades. Clone your storage drive to a new drive, this procedure makes a perfect copy of your computer’s storage drive. (See Storage Upgrade Tier 2 for cloning to a smaller drive)

Drivers Installation

Installation of hardware drivers, allows the computer to recognize and access the computer’s hardware. Ensures the computer can operate all hardware and components.

Dust & Dirt Cleaning

Basic external cleaning from dirt and dust, basic internal cleaning from dust keeps the computer running cool and reduces noise, and prevents the computer’s hardware from burning out. (Internal cleaning available to desktops only)

Cable Management

Check and tie loss internal cables and replace screws of noisy computer fans with rubber mounts to reduce noise. (Available to desktops only)


A documented service report of all services provided, test results, changes, etc in an easy to read printed or PDF document.

Standard and detailed documentation includes all essential service documents:

Computer Admissions Form, Invoice, Computer Information, Service Report Summary, Hardware Test Forms, Time Sheet with Service Documentation.