Customized Windows Installer

Availability: [Windows]

Customized Windows Installer Personal Commercial
Base Price (Setup Fee) $80 $160
Unattended *** ***
Branding *** ***
Personalized Windows Settings *** ***
Hot Fixes/Service Packs *** ***
Drivers Package *** ***
Special Drivers *** ***
Software Essentials Integration *** ***
Special Software Integration *** ***
Personalized Software Settings *** ***

*Software and Operating System sold separate | *** See Quotes Calculator

Customized Windows Installer

Availability: [Windows]
*Operating System sold separate
*Some limitations/restrictions may apply

Base Price

Mandatory service charge for setup fees, sand box development environment and testing.


Digital disk image (.ISO)

Can be burned to DVD or flashed to USB Flash Drive.


Automate the Windows installation.

Preset all Windows installation settings, no need to enter activation keys, user names, etc.


Brand your operating system.

Add your organization’s name, logo, address, phone number, etc to your system properties.

Personalized Windows Settings

Personalize your Windows settings before installing, no need to reset your settings to the way you like it every time you reinstall Windows.

Hot Fixes / Service Packs

Keep your copy of Windows up to date with the latest Windows updates and Service Packs.

Drivers Package

Ensure your copy of Windows is compatible with the newest computers and technology.
Add a collection of drivers for maximum hardware compatibility with all computers.

Special Drivers

Add special hardware drivers to your installation.

Add only the drivers your require.

If integration is not possible during the installation process, an install on first start-up solution can be provided.

Essential Software

Add free essential software such as Adobe PDF Reader, Fire Fox, etc.

Add essential updates and frameworks.

Maximize your computing experience.

Add a verity of free essential software titles to your copy of Windows, ensure you get the most out of your computing experience without having to download and reinstall your everyday software.

Pick and choose from our approved software list of over 50 free titles.

Special Software Integration

Add your own software to your Windows installation.

If integration is not possible during the installation process, an install on first start-up solution can be provided.

*Software sold separate

Personalized Software Settings

Personalize your software settings.

Keep your software preferences the way you want them to be.