Computer Back Panel Diagram

Power Hard Switch (O off, – on)

Power Cord Socket

P/S2: Purple Keyboard Port

P/S2: Green Mouse Port

Serial: Old Data Port

Parallel: Old Data/Printer Port

D-Sub: VGA Video Port

Integrated Graphics

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port

Network Port (Internet)

Sound (Integrated)

Green Stereo Out, Blue Inline

Pink Microphone, Others Surround Sound

Discrete Video Card

D-Sub (Analog)

DVI (Analog/Digital)

* If you have a discrete video card, do not use integrated graphics

HDMI (Digital+Audio)

Display Port (Digital)

Discrete Sound Card

See Manual or Labels
* If you have a discrete sound card, do not use integrated sound

Expansion Card Slots

Computer Back PanelComputer Back Panel

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